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RouteOptix has evolved over the last fourteen years due in no small part to the level of interest and commitment from our customers. We fully realize we have reached where we are today due to our customers and we appreciate their loyalty to us. From initial sales contact, to decision to purchase, through installation and ongoing support … it is of paramount importance to us that our customers are satisfied and well looked after.

RouteOptix is well known for its high level of quality support. A real person will always answer your call and if we are all busy with another customer, we will return your call promptly. If you are trusting us to run your entire business on our software, you need to be assured that we are here when you need us – 24/7! This business model with a personal touch has provided stability and security for our customers. We are always striving to improve… read some excerpts from our customer testimonials relating to our support:

“… since implementation, the Support Team has been very responsive and timely to our questions and willing to work with us to find the best way to use their software to meet our business needs…” Fargo, ND

“the quality of support is second to none! The level of service remains extraordinary from the initial inquiry through installation, training and beyond. Expert assistance is always promptly and graciously delivered …” Atlanta, GA

Support Includes:

Our Support Team can be contacted either by email at: or 1-866-926-7849

Data Conversion

RouteOptix will ensure that your data is converted from your existing system into our application. We do not want you to have to “reinvent the wheel” and spending countless staff hours entering data. We have converted data from many other applications and will be checking in with your staff periodically throughout the conversion process to review the converted data. When the converted data has been reviewed and tested, we will then transfer to your computers at the same time that the software is installed. Whether onsite or online training is selected, when the training is finished and you are comfortable with going live, we will choose a date to reconvert your data just before going live. During every step of the way throughout this process, our programming staff will be available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Installation & Training Process

RouteOptix prides itself in listening to the needs of our prospects who become customers. We therefore offer two training options to provide flexibility and meet the needs of new customers.

Online Training – This option is very popular with our smaller customers who prefer to schedule a few hours of training for each session and practice in between sessions. In this scenario, once data is converted (or if the customer does not require data conversion), we will install the software on your computers and begin training sessions. The flexibility of our system enables us to tailor the set-up to exactly meet the needs of the client from the multiple options offered in the system. In between training sessions, our staff will be available to answer any questions and assist your staff as they practice. At the end of the training, we will determine when your staff are comfortable going live. Quite often the go live date is often linked to a period of time related to billing and once a date has been established, we will re-convert your data before you go live.

Onsite Training – Onsite training provides a very comprehensive three days training process. We will install the software on your computers and answer any questions your IT staff may have about our process. Part of the training will be to determine the way each company is currently operating and establish the best method to use in RouteOptix. We will also set-up your company’s system codes and “tailor” the system to the way you do business as part of the training process. At the end of each day, your staff will be given some homework to apply what they have learned each day on the computer to get a feel for “hands-on” training. On the last day of the training, our staff will sit down with you and your staff to determine how comfortable everyone is with the system and come up with a plan as to when the go live date should be. This varies greatly with each company we install in. Some companies like to practice for a period of time before going live – this can vary from a few days to a number of weeks. This time needs to be closely managed utilizing the expertise and assistance of our support/installation group. However, there may need to be more changes made to the converted data and this and the factor about how comfortable your staff are with the system will determine the decision about a go live date as the training is nearing completion. For the period following the on-site training until you go live, you will not run parallel with your current system but we strongly recommend that your staff practice in RouteOptix each day as this will enable them to become more familiar with the system when going live in RouteOptix. Just before the go live date, we will re-convert your data again.

Ongoing Training – Once RouteOptix customers are past the learning curve and are familiar with the basics of the system, this is an ideal time to look further “in-depth” at the many options and features that they can gain benefit from in the system. Our training staff are more than happy to schedule further training to review how the system is being used, other features that may be beneficial and time-saving options / new enhancements in the application that may have become recently available. This process has been very well received and feedback from our customers has been extremely positive.

We also provide comprehensive training for your new staff members. This has been a popular offering as it negates the need for staff to spend valuable time training new staff.

Staff who may not use the system often or require “refresher” training on certain areas is also provided.