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Medical Waste

Medical Waste BagMedical waste collection, transport and disposal is the most highly regulated industry we serve.  Regulations can vary from State to State and by working with the industry and our customers, we have  supplied all the necessary manifesting capabilities to meet State/client needs.  The option for electronic consolidated manifests is also available.  In addition, by providing a button on the client’s web page, their clients will be able to view the electronic manifests by means of a login.  Three electronic signatures can be obtained on hand-held devices; Generator, Driver and Facility signatures along with may additional options in the field that can be updated live into the main application.

We also provide many options to handle different fee structures including billing by the container, by the pound,  minimums, included quantities and much more.

28gallon-yellow-smallMaterial tracking can be easily managed through bar coding.  We handle either material bar codes, asset bar codes or serialized bar codes.  When the driver returns to your facility, the label on each container will be weighed and scanned.  The scale integration enables recording of weight associated with the container to be populated into the RouteOptix application when a computer is connected to the scale.

Parts & Supplies information can be stored in the system with information about kits, Sharps other items provided, items on hand, order details, adjustments, etc.

Service calendars are embedded within the application which can be given to customers to show pick-up dates at each location for a specified period of time.

RouteOptix medical waste clientele includes customer locations across the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K.

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