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Liquid Waste

Portable Toilet

Portable Toilets

As with every vertical market we serve, RouteOptix explored  this industry’s requirements in-depth. Tracking of toilets is critical in the industry and we have the ability to track from cradle to grave how much revenue units are generating, retain historical and maintenance records related to the units and up-to-date inventory when out of service, availability reporting for future events and much more.  With our latest Android App we can extend asset tracking even further to  include scanning of assets in the field along with capture of signatures and receipts.  Many billing options are available including advance, arrears, special event billing along with pro-rations, taxes, disposal costs, etc.  This and the other full featured options of the main RouteOptix application have propelled us to be a leader in the industry.  We continue to receive referrals both from customers and from portable toilet suppliers who are aware of our reputation in the industry.

Grease TrapGrease Traps

This industry tends to have longer periods of time between servicing.  We assist our customers with routing tools to more effectively manage these routing frequencies along with other features and benefits.




RouteOptix capably meets the needs of all aspects of the septic industry for both commercial and residential septic.  Specific industry-related features that have become invaluable for our customers include Septic Tank Inspection Histories which can be created and maintained to record details about the type and condition of tanks, material of receptacle, type of leaching, size, quantity pumped, etc. A drawing of the tank location on the property can be scanned and saved in the system to print on a Work order along with a map to the customer’s location or to be viewed on an electronic device. The ability to provide detailed historical information relating to tank condition and previous service enable septic companies to retain and enhance their customer base.   Our on-call routing is a must for this industry.

Oil Recovery (Yellow Grease)

Used frying oil is a commodity that can be used for a number of recycling purposes but has become popular as a source of biodiesel fuel. Customers pay a market rate to the clients they pick-up from and our system is able to record a percentage yield (taking into account wastage in the oil such as water/sludge) in order to calculate payment required for the oil.  Rebates can be created in our system for the clients of our oil customers to give them the ability to print checks from RouteOptix which is an essential tool for this vertical.  As it is optimal to pump out when 80% full to avoid overspills, we have have tools to ensure routing frequency is optimal.


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