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RouteOptix has evolved to where we are today by listening to our customers needs and enhancing our application based on their suggestions.  This enables us to offer a flexible and wide-ranging solution that can be tailored to the needs of any client.

The President and principal developer of RouteOptix is Ron Davey.  Ron has been developing vehicle routing and mapping software applications for 33 years.  In 1980, Ron worked in the solid waste industry for many years and co-wrote software for a large solid waste organization.  In 1990 Ron was hired as a consultant and wrote software for a solid waste technology company.  In 1998, Ron recognized the need for software to service other vertical markets with similar challenges to the solid waste and recycling industries and designed his own vehicle routing and mapping application that was released in 2000.  The creation of Ron’s company, RouteOptix Inc. coincided with this release.  RouteOptix services solid waste, recycling, scrap metal industry, liquid waste (toilets/septic/grease/oil recovery),  medical waste and document destruction industries.

Future Development

RouteOptix is always striving to improve and continues to constantly evolve.  Our application has grown to where it is today due in no small part to the suggestions and feedback from our customers.  New updates are provided throughout the course of each year.  There have been many enhancements that we have added to the application based on sound suggestions from our customers and we take each request into consideration to ensure the quality of the application is adhered to.  When we release a new update to the application, we also send you a list of the enhancements that are included in the application.

Mission Statement

To be the software solution of choice for every vehicle routing requirement by consistently meeting or exceeding the quality, service and value expectations of our customers.